Medical Record Review Services for Workers Compensation cases, attorneys, IMEs/QMEs, and insurers by Numina-Rapid Care.

Expert workforce of 800+ and growing, including 250 clinicians, handling high-volume, complex records sorting and review.

Numina-Rapid Care Group provides medical record review, medical data management, and medical reporting services. We use a service model that integrates record review outsourcing expertise and attentive management that yield efficiency and cost savings. You get access to dedicated high caliber qualified staff who are capable of managing all the processes through the life cycle of the project.

Global leaders in medical and med-legal documentation and data since 1999.

Staffing for small and large scale projects, and complex reviews.


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Need Workers Comp case reviews? Record sorting? Chronologies? Deposition summaries?
Get chronologies, sorted documents, and bi-directionally hyperlinked reports in 5-7 days.



SortVault makes medical record reviews simple, efficient, reliable and stress-free!

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At the core of our values is the desire to continually improve the experience of reviewing medical records into something simpler and more efficient. Rapid Care’s domain expertise and deeper collaboration with clients enabled us to create SortVault, using Artificial Intelligence to transform the way in which medical records are organized, reviewed and managed in this digital age.

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Use Cases

Markets served include insurance, workers comp, SSDI advocacy, underwriting and claims arenas, along with audit, compliance, legal, IME, peer review, and research institutions.

Digital Document Processing

SortVault allows for secure extraction and digitization of rich content from your documents. We leverage advanced data extraction tools to convert digitized documents into digitized data – be it record sets or any other item of interest. SortVault leverages AI technologies to assure high levels of data quality and integrity.

Data Discovery

Organize, sort, search and visualize 360° views of your business data – all in real time, enabled by the SortVault Analytics Module (SVAM). Gain complete visibility into your key business processes and deeper insights into business metrices. Leverage actionable intelligence enabled by SVAM to make timely, informed decisions on your case to improve business outcomes.

Digital Collaboration

Engage with stakeholders using SortVault next generation digital collaboration tools in real-time. Share information through the secure SortVault collaboration portal to orchestrate business processes in real time. Connect with your partners and your stakeholders seamlessly based on personalized workflows to maximize their engagement experience.

HIPAA-compliant; ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

Numina-Rapid Care Services Offered

  • Medical record summarization
  • Legal deposition summaries
  • Sorting & indexing
  • Medical chronologies
  • Workers compensation case review
  • Request authorization
  • Case report preparation
  • Medical data abstraction
  • Medical data management

Leverage our massive production capability to rapidly organize, categorize and sort disparate documents into various categories and perform a review customized to your specific requirements. All reports are carefully constructed after the review to comply with state specific guidelines.

Our Commitment to Customers

Contractually ethical
Open and available
Transparent in actions
Customer focused
Involved and accountable

Benefits & Features of Our Services

  • A single-source solution with staff, facilities, and secure environment.
  • Daily metrics to monitor productivity and efficiency throughout the review.
  • Specialized medical, technical, legal and foreign language skills.
  • Experienced and skilled Physician Advisory team.
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